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Barkworth reeve presents

Country Tweed

Hello and welcome to

Barkworth Reeve

Originating in Yorkshire, England, we believe that Modern Country Style is about fusing contemporary functionality with heritage country materials and a classic aesthetic, creating a timeless look paired with essential modern practicality.

We strive to elevate your everyday with our luxurious leathers bags, cashmere blended cosy knits, stunning melton and waterproof waxed fedora hats as well as our merino wool scarves woven right here, in the heart of Yorkshire.

Our stunning New

Tweed Collection

Explore our latest collection of

Country Style


Thank you to our customers for their amazing


We are blown away by your kind words, thank you so much for your support and feedback.

The first thing you notice when you unwrap your new bag is the smell…it is incredible! The quality and finish of the bag are both outstanding, you will not be disappointed. It is cute and aesthetically pleasing, whilst still being practical and functional!

This is my new favourite daily bag!

Sarah. R

5 Star!
My husband surprised me with this bag. It’s amazing … every last detail has been thought of … I also got the ball holder . The quality is also fantastic and it looks so much more expensive than it actually is. Well done

Mrs Richard Deane

Love this- it’s my new everyday bag!

I take it on my commute, I’ve taken it on holiday and of course when I’m walking my dog it’s with me. It’s strong, comfortable & has handy pockets. It also looks really smart.

Frankie O'Dowd

Thank you for my beautiful bag! The quality is amazing and all of the styling details are so well considered. It’s a great size the perfectcross body allowing me to be hands-free.
Highly recommended!

Kirstie De Vere

"Timelessly stylish, practical and beautifully constructed, what more could a country girl want?!
The Saddle bag is everything I hoped, can't wait to add the Rucksack to my collection xx"

Kate Dennett

new product

multi way rucksack

This bag has been designed to be as practical as it is beautiful. We are pretty sure this is going to tick all your boxes!

The Bramham rucksack can be worn either as a backpack or on the shoulder. Its top opening, equipped with a zippered frame, provides unmatched levels of security and practicality.

Click to learn more

explore by

shape & size

Shopper Tote

The Shopper tote is the largest bag we have. With so many different uses, this bag is going to be a wardrobe staple.

Click here to get a sneak peek!

the Rucksack

Currently the largest bag we offer (but there is a tote coming soon!). This rucksack is the perfect size.

It fits a standard iPad so its perfect for commuting, or for Mum's who travel with a toddler entertainment system!

the Saddle BAG

Our medium-sized bag features a beautifully proportioned front design, along with a rounded base and deeper gusset for ample storage space.

the cross body

The smallest bag currently on sale, the cross body showcases a polished and well-proportioned front with multiple pockets for unparalleled practicality

our passion

Artisan Craftsmanship

our purpose

Designing timeless accessories that seamlessly merge country heritage materials, a classic aesthetic, and modern practicality

Our Story

"I refuse to compromise on product practicality. It's non-negotiable for me. A product must work effortlessly. My job is to design out the frustrations
and create the go-to product that stands the test of time, functioning on multiple levels,"

Jennifer Parker

the belton

Saddle bag

Find out more about our beautiful Belton Saddle Bag.

This stunning full graIn leather bag comes in Chestnut Tan (shown here), Glossy Black and also Country Tweed with Croc.

discover our gorgeous, cosy

Merino wool scarves

Crafted in Yorkshire, this stunning collection of Merino Wool scarves are the ideal to have handy for the those blustery autumn days.

practically perfect

splendid style

The hackthorn cross body

From Pencil to Product

It all starts with a pencil, an idea and a sketch.

It finishes with a design, a solution and a product.

Our 5* Cross body bag

Click here to learn more


We use full grain leathers chosen in collaboration with our factory, all of which are sourced from Leather Working Group Tanneries.

This is quality artisan manufacturing. It is mindful sourcing of materials, its fair pricing, and producing in small batches.

We are passionate about the products we design, produce and sell. We hope you enjoy them for years to come.

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Every one of our designs starts as an idea, usually conceived stomping accross a field on a dog walk in the glorious Yorkshire countryside. The idea is a response to a niggle or a problem that someone has mentioned which I have been mulling over.

Then its home and get the idea onto paper, usually sat at the kitchen table with a mug of tea, Yorkshire Tea, obviously!.

Once the idea is on paper its time to time to start drilling down into the nitty gritty and getting it drawn up in Adobe, and from that the product spec is created.

Its a recipie for that specific product. Totally unique.


Artisan Craftsmanship

We have an unwavering commitment to exquisite craftsmanship and we're really proud to work with a wonderful family run factory who are absolutely amazing.

Their quality is exceptional, not only are they brilliant employers with the highest ethical standards, but they also work with LWG (Leather Working Group) accredited tanneries.


Our Commitment

Our commitment to our customers, is to design and bring to market products which (in the words of great Arts & Crafts designer William Morris) are both Functional and Beautiful.

This is not fast fashion, it's not picked off a shelf and had a label plonked on it, quite the opposite....

Every. Last. Detail. is considered, evaluated and developed especially to make sure you get the absolute best we can deliver.